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Looking for pallet rack pricing for your warehouse or distribution facility? We represent a wide variety of pallet rack manufacturers and can offer highly competitive pricing on Steel King SK2000, Steel King SK 3000 Structural Rack and Speedrack pallet racking.

Here are several tips to keep in mind when you are researching pallet rack pricing for your next storage equipment purchase.

1) Lead time! Do not wait until the last minute to start thinking about ordering your pallet rack. Most pallet rack manufacturers have limited quantities of standard sized rack components in stock that they consider their "Quick Ship" racking. If your project involves large quantities, or odd sizes, the standard lead time can be 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture your pallet racking. (See our list of quick ship pallet rack with pricing)

2) Capacity is critical! Know the weights for the product you plan on storing in the pallet racking. You never want to under estimate your capacities and cause a serious safety concern by overloading pallet rack. At the same time, beam capacity is in direct relationship with pallet rack pricing, the higher the capacity the more expensive the pallet rack. So choose a beam capacity that will more than cover your heaviest pallet loads, but going overboard can add substantial and unnecessary cost to your project. Upright capacities are based on the distance between beam levels, most manufacturers list the upright capacity based on a 48" beam spacing, others based on 36" spacing. So read the fine print to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and that the rating meets your needs depending on how tall your typical pallet load is.

3) Pallet Rack Sizes. The standard depth of most pallet rack is 42", and it is designed to hold a standard 48" deep pallet. The 42" depth ensures that the weight of the pallet is distributed evenly to the pallet rack beams, and not just the decking. The most common width is 96", again designed to store the standard 42" wide x 48" deep pallet, two wide on each beam level. Standard heights range from 96" up to 240" uprights, and are available much taller for custom projects.

4) Know your lay-out! Pallet rack pricing is based on a "Starter and Adder" type system that is directly related to your specific storage area design/lay-out. A run of pallet rack begins with a Starter unit which has two upright frames. Each additional unit in that run can hook into the unit next to it, sharing the common upright between them. So a starter unit has two uprights and adder units have only one upright. So the number of starter and adders depends on how your layout falls considering obstructions such as doorways, aisles, and building columns.

5) Know your local code requirements! At the bare minimum, all pallet rack must be anchored to the floor. While in most cases this is all that is required for permitting, your local code may dictate further seismic requirements such as special foot plates, special anchors, or top tying. The last thing anyone wants is to find out the hard way that your newly installed rack must be replaced to meet code. Many municipalities require engineer stamped calculations for the permitting process, so before you purchase any used pallet rack, make sure you have an engineer that is comfortable putting his stamp on used material. The condition of the used rack can effect the structural capacity and can be difficult to safely calculate.

6) Freight costs! Pallet rack is big and bulky to ship, it does not take much to add up to a truck load or two of pallet rack. Always ask for a freight rate to be a separate line item on your pallet rack pricing. Some suppliers only quote the material F.O.B the factory, so make sure you are comparing the total cost after freight.
Recent freight classification changes have made longer pallet rack components jump from class 65, to more expensive classes including 125, 200, and 300 depending on the length of the material. This has resulted in a substantial cost increase when shipping pallet rack via LTL carriers.

7) Freight damage! Damaged rack is all too common when ordering less than truckload quantities. Always inspect your shipment for damaged or lost items BEFORE the delivery driver leaves your dock. Make sure to note any problems on the delivery bill BEFORE the driver leaves. Failure to spot the damage at the time of delivery can result in the truck line denying your claim, meaning you are responsible for the cost of any items needing to be replaced, as well as the shipping charges for the replacement items. It really pays to spend a few extra minutes inspecting your shipment closely before the driver leaves.

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Please contact Industrial Shelving Systems for your next storage project. Located in St Louis, MO we serve the Midwest as well as nationwide.

For new rack pricing, visit our website for our quick ship items available with the convenience of online ordering, or simply call us at 1-800-875-6201 for quotes on larger projects.

We also carry Steel King Steel Guard industrial warehouse safety railing in a variety of quick ship sizes. Great for protecting machinery, in-plant offices, and personnel from the dangers of fork lift traffic.
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